ACES Hackathon 2015

ACES Hackathon is a coding event that lasts three days,which is held annually in the Faculty of Engineering,University of Peradeniya. Yesterday(10th July) 2015 Hackathon was launch and I participated as a mentor.

ACES Hackathon has proven to be a well-established and perfectly-organized event aiming to bring together large number of undergraduates and engage them into the development of creative and innovative IT solutions.

“ACES Hackathon 2015” is the 4th event of its kind to be organized by ACES, following the success of ACES Hackathon 2014. This year ACES is planning to bring the hackathon event to the next level calling contribution from mentors, who are industry experts to help the teams out during the event. The main purpose behind this event is to bring fresh talent to the IT industry and provide motivation and experience to a large number of participants.

Yesterday is the first day of hackathon and its for pitch the ideas of students. Students have came up with creative ideas in short time. Following are the some ideas that would implement in the  week end.

1. CardioLab – [Software] – by Wijethunga W.M.D.A
2. PIN POTHA- [Software] – by Wickramarachchi A.O
3. Multiplayer “omi” card game – [Software] by Rajapakse K. G. De A.
4. Smart DriveMate – The Driver’s best friend.- [software] by Geesara Prathap Kulathunga
5. Unified web platform for consumer market [software] by Jayawardena J.L.M.M
6. Android app: Auto message – [software] by Balakayan k
7. Local Responsive Cloud Storage and a Service Platform – [Networks and Systems] by Nanayakkara NBUS
8. Analytical Tool for Cluster Resources – [Networks and Systems] by Nanayakkara NBUS
9. Algorithms runner – [Networks and Systems] by Nanayakkara NBUS
10. Trust management API – [Networks and Systems] by Nanayakkara NBUS
11. Location based trigger reminders – [Software] by Shantha E.L.W.
12. Wifi data transfer – [Software] by Ukwattage U.A.I
13. Fly healthy – [Software] by Dias E.D.L.
14. Attendance marking with image processing- [Software] by Titus Nanda Kumara
15. Centralize the photocopy center with internet – Network by Titus Nanda Kumara
16. URL shortening service with lk domain [network] by Titus Nanda Kumara
17. Video tutorials and past paper sharing web space by Titus Nanda Kumara
18. Online Judging System by Mudushan Weerawardhana
19. Smart reload by Prasanna Rodrigo

ACES alumini members will be visit the engineering faculty and mentor the students for implement those ideas.  Also leading IT organizations are sponsoring the event.

Happy coding guys!