Cyber Monday with Couchbase Server

Wal-Mart Wins Cyber Monday  by leveraging the performance and scalability of Couchbase Server, an enterprise NoSQL database. Performance is key to meeting user experience requirements, web or mobile. It ensures customers can browse, shop, and ultimately purchase products online.

What is Couchbase Server?
Couchbase Server is a simple, fast, elastic NoSQL database, optimized for the data
management needs of interactive web applications. Couchbase Server makes it easy to
optimally match resources to the changing needs of an application by automatically
distributing data and I/O across commodity servers or virtual machines. It scales out and supports live cluster topology changes while continuing to service data operations. Its managed object caching technology delivers consistent, sub-millisecond random reads, while sustaining high-throughput writes. As a document-oriented database, Couchbase Server accommodates changing data management requirements without the burden of schema management.

System architecture
A Couchbase Server is a computer (e.g., commodity Intel server, VMware virtual machine, Amazon machine instance) running Couchbase Server software. Couchbase Server runs on 32- and 64-bit Linux, Windows and Mac operating systems. The source code is a mix of C, C++ and Erlang, with some utility functionality authored in Python.

Each server in a Couchbase Server cluster runs identical Couchbase Server software,
meaning “all Couchbase Server nodes are created equal.” A number of benefits flow from the decision to avoid special-case nodes running differentiated software or exhibiting differentiated functionality.


Following figure shows the data flow of application and DB cluster.



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