Mobile Devices: The Biggest Growth Force in IT Today

Selection_005Over 1.5 billion smartphones and tablets to be shipped worldwide in 2016,
growing at a combined annual growth rate (CAGR) of over 20%.
In 2013, mobile devices will generate more than half of total industry’s overall
growth. By comparison, the IT industry will grow by only 2.9% in 2013, with the exclusion of mobile devices.
Leaders in the mobile device market, and ultimately in the next generation PC (and
converged PC/mobile device) market will succeed to attract large numbers of
application developers. Market power fundamentally resides in the operating system
and related application platform software, over 80% of which will be controlled by
Apple and Google in 2016

Cloud Driving Mobile and Vice Versa


IDC expects one in three enterprises have already deployed large scale cloud-
based mobile solution deployment or will do so within 18 months.
Furthermore, mobile application developers remain strongly committed to the cloud:
83% of all mobile app developers plan to use cloud-based back-end systems for
their applications.
Over 65% of mobile application developers plan to develop HTML5 and mobile
web applications in 2013

IT Consumerization and Line of Business Buyers

“Line of business” executives (LOB) will be directly involved in 58% of new
investments involving 3 platform technologies in 2013.
In 2016, that number will rise to 80% of new IT investments, with LOB taking the
lead decision-maker role in at least half of those investments.

Mobile Collaboration: The Next Frontier in a $4 Billion Mobile Enterprise Market


Over 60% of organizations will have rolled out mobile applications beyond email
to their workforce and/or customers by the end of 2013.
Over 20% of firms plan to roll out five or more applications in next 12 months.
80% of enterprises plan to invest in mobile app development resources in 2013.

Email has always been the most mature and successful business mobile application,
but 12 months of rapid IT consumerization has accelerated the adoption of more
advanced applications, including mobile content and collaboration tools. These apps enhance the value of collaboration by enabling users to store, access,
and collaborate on their documents with any device and make decisions anywhere,








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