Service Oriented Enterprise (SOE)



SOE is the architectural design of the business processes themselves to accentuate the use of an SOA infrastructure, especially emphasizing SaaS proliferation and increase use of automation where appropriate within those processes.

The SOE model would be the enterprise business process model which should be then traced to the other traditional UML models. Both sets of models are within the realm of management by the Enterprise Architects. However the audience focus of SOE is to bring technological solutions deeper into the day to day planning of the business side of the enterprise, making the Enterprise Architects more active in those decisions.

It allows business to use the same analysis and design processes that we have been using to design and develop software using MDE, but to make business decisions. The Enterprise Architects become the facilitators of moving the enterprise to SOE.

It requires the Enterprise Architects to actively stay aware of the ever changing state of technological solutions and project the possible impacts on the Enterprise operations if deployed, bringing in SME’s as necessary to augment the discussions.

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