WSO2 Application Server Multitenancy

The goal of multitenancy is to maximize resource sharing across multiple users (while hiding the fact that these users are on the same server) and to ensure optimal performance. You can register tenants in the ESB Management Console, allowing tenants to maintain separate domains for their institutions.

Adding a tenant

To add a new tenant, take the following steps:

On the Configure tab of the AS Management Console, click Add New Tenant.

Enter the information about this tenant as follows:

  • Domain –  The domain name for the organization, which should be a unique name (e.g.,
  • Usage plan for the tenant – The usage plan defines limitations (such as number of users) for the tenant.
  • First Name – First name of the tenant admin.
  • Last Name – Last name of the tenant admin.
  • Admin Username – The username the tenant admin will use to log in. The username must always end with the domain name (e.g.,
  • Email – The email address of the admin.

Viewing tenants

To view existing tenants, on the Configure tab in the AS Management Console, click View Tenants.

Now you can log in with tenant credentials.


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