GSoC meetup at University of Peradeniya

Today we had a GSoC meetup at Faculty of Engineering, University of Peradaniya. During event, I introduce GSoC and good practices in opensource community. Multiple sessions were conducted with using GSoC 2014 official  slide stack, Pradeeban’s GSoC 2012 intro slides, Fedora wiki for GSoC guidance,  Harshana’s SL GSoC meetup presentation, and OpenMRS intro by Harsha Siriwardena. We contacted Google Open Source Programs Office and arrange some stickers and pens to be distribute among participants.

DSC01787 DSC01791







Over 90 students were participated in event from University of Peradaniya and University of Sabaragamuwa. This is the highest number of student participation in GSoC meetup so far in UoP. Great keenness was showed by participated students and they requested to conduct a workshop. I take it as a positive sign of FOSS influence in junior students and near by university students.


It will be a great motivation if Google Open Source Programs Office team would visit University of Peradeniya during their visit to highest participated countries in GSoC.

Thanks for every one who organized the event and help on it.


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