.ics Importing – GSoC – week #6

In this week target was allow user to import .ics format importing. Ability to push/pull data from handheld clients in an “acceptable” format is a user case which it is covered.
There were way to do this in Drupal 6. In Drupal 7, Feeds module needed too.

Using Date iCal, Date , Views , Calendar modules user case was achieved. But it needs more customization for make it handy to users.

New Entity for Events + Time Line– GSoC – week #5

Implementing new entity for events was taken place in 5th week too. In week 4, there were some errors need to be fixed. And also in this week, there was a new user case, to add a time line for show events.The idea of time line similar to this java script example.

End of the week, there were few problems were left. It needed a some feed back from community to carry ahead the this event user case. Because of that some break was taken for implementing event.