View Calendar Implimentation- GSoC – week #1

For GSoC project “Insight User cases : Calendar” was started officially on this week.

Very beginning of the week  mentors and I had a discussion. That discussion point out very important notice, that is avoid from using development stage modules for project. I was about to use “Calendar_block” module which is on development stage.

After that, I used view interface calendar. It allow good flexibility to import new content data field and show events on calendar. New content type created and use them for find out what kind of content need for scheduling. 

I first test it on localhost and try it on development server provide by mentor. That was a good experience to have such  administrative privileges 🙂 . 

In friday, had usual meeting with mentors. We discussed what  I have done so far, difficulties and next week plan.

And also, trying to implement new entity and use them for keep scheduling for groups and private in this week. 


The Entity

For my GSoC project i need some new content type for hold events. After reading some books i guess i need to declare new entity type for calendar events.

It’s generally not necessary to create a new entity type. Nodes are still extremely
flexible, and more often than not can handle whatever use case we need. However,
there are cases where it is necessary to create separate entities rather than separate
node types, like for instance:


  • We may need entities that have entirely different permission handling or workflow than nodes, such as products in an e-commerce system.
  • We may be accessing entities that are not stored in Drupal’s local database,such as a legacy data store.
  • We may need to have internal variants, like node types, but nodes don’t support “sub-type types”.

The Schema API allows database-agnostic definition and manipulation of
the tables in Drupal’s SQL database.


F17 Release

Today there will be a meeting of Fedora infrastructure group. I just saw there upcoming task review and there was …

#info 2012-05-22 – F17 release

Happy !
Any how, you have another 1 : 30 hrs to join that meeting and add you one line bio.